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The African Climate Change and Environmental Reporting (ACCER) Awards & Gala Night 2020


The 2020 ACCER Awards

- Launch and Submissions
Launch date: June 5th 2020
End of Submissions: July 15th 2020

- Gala Dinner
December 11th 2020

Theme: " Making Climate Action a Way of Life "

Telling Africa’s climate story as it is, highlighting champions as well as areas ignored and putting to task those responsible for effective climate action.

"Celebrating scribes who ensure Climate Justice by Focusing on climate change and environment stories"

The Africa Climate Change & Environmental Reporting (ACCER) Award recognizes African journalists who have excelled in climate change and environmental journalism. It seeks to encourage constructive environmental reporting focus in African media, both at the policy formulation and implementation level and at the level of public awareness and participation in environmental protection and preservation

The ACCER Awards Finalists Academy (TAAFA) is a stable PACJA’s dynamic and innovative strategic intervention plan. It is a driving force to the already existing training and reward schemes, but, also ensure sustainability of the capacity building project.


Accer Awards Finalists Gala Dinner 2018 - part 1

Accer Awards Finalists Gala Dinner 2018 - part 2


The 2020 ACCER Awards

- Launch and Submissions
Launch date: June 5th 2020
End of Submissions: July 15th 2020

- Gala Dinner (December 11th 2020)  

The ACCER Awards 2020 Concept Note -pdf



A list of judges and their profiles will be unveiled in August.


Awards Categories (2020)

  • The ACCER Awards 2020 will be in 5 categories, with a total 20 awards to individuals who submit work done between September 2018 and May 2020
  • All must comply with the terms and conditions set for this award
  • There will be 7 judges to carefully champion the selection process, with a view to improving and/or developing clear parameters against which the various entries will be rated
  • Applicants must identify a climate/environment related issue and show effort to find ways to deal with it. This will mean not just highlighting existing matter but also putting to task responsible authorities
  • For some awards, the applicant will have to show consistency and passion in addressing matters of climate change and environment. Award winners MUST have made a significant long-term commitment to improving the lives of others through their stories.
  • The applicant must demonstrate extensive acts that have saved large communities from the effects of climate change or reduced the risk of the same in a visibly big way.


This award will recognise a journalist whose in-depth reporting demonstrates how rural communities or individuals in part of Africa are using smart agriculture techniques or agroforestry to mitigate and/or adapt to climate change, while at the same time improving their food sufficiency and livelihoods.
This category will recognize journalistic work that brings out the aspect of climate governance, policy development and implementation, or one that exposes corruption deals and curtails related to climate change.
Entries in this category should be articles demonstrating how innovative solutions are being used to overcome environmental challenges. Innovative solutions can be in all sectors related to the environment such as agriculture, forestry, waste management, energy, water management, climate change, transport, green job...etc.
This award rewards excellence in journalism that reflects on finances channelled by national, regional and international entities for climate change mitigation and adaptation projects and programs. The story may demonstrate how communities/companies/NGO are accessing and/or using these finances, what the impact is in terms of climate adaptation and mitigation, and how this is impacting on livelihoods.
This award specifically recognizes the work of a journalist who reports on environment protection and conservation, not limited to protection and conservation of forests, water and biodiversity.


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