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  • The PACJA Gabon platform has just strengthened its governance structures, with its extraordinary general assembly. During the August 10, 2019 meeting at its headquarters in Angondje, Sherko City, members representing more than 60 Gabonese civil society organisations were briefed on the new provisions regarding the life of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance. "We have organised this general assembly to not only upgrade the new measures taken by headquarters to improve our management capabilities but also we are here today to reflect on the life of our platform. We need to strengthen the cohesion between us members and recall the [ ....... ]
  • Similar successes are being recorded in Mozambique, where the project is implemented by PACJA with Community Land Initiative (CLI). The capacity building has been on access to rights (land); governance systems at community levels; and payment for environmental service business model. CLI has been developing standards to improve governance systems for rural communities. The organisation, through a working group, has also facilitated establishment of Community Based Natural Resource Management Network (CBNRMN) to serve as platform that will share information, lessons and monitor performance of REDD+ and other CBNRM initiatives towards sustainable natural resources management. CLI has also prepared training materials [ ....... ]
  • PACJA’s Congo platform, through CIREK, is empowering civil society organisations to engage in community activities focusing on REDD+ and the fight against climate change. The REDD+ Strategy is being implemented in 48 localities of Sangha and Likouala in the north of the country, on which more than half of the national forest sits, by strengthening permanent information systems on REDD + achievements in local languages. There is enhanced participation of all relevant actors within REDD+ discussions including communities directly affected by Climate crisis. CIRECK has invested in production of training manual on REDD+ including the REDD+ guide in seven local [ ....... ]
  • The Burkina Faso team, through Association for Education and the Environment (A-2E), has been implementing the REDD+ project in Northern region and Central North Region, specifically targeting Ouahigouya, Gourcy, Yako and Kaya locality. A-2E convened several meetings with CSOs and the REDD+ coordination office, and also championed a media campaign that has seen local stations teach communities about environment conservation. Miss Salimata Dabal, the general secretary in the North region of Burkina Faso (second in command from the governor), says: “This is my first ever training on climate change and REDD+. I want to thank PACJA and A-2E for this [ ....... ]
  • Assertive policy and regulatory frameworks are essential in creating favorable conditions that would allow renewable energy technologies to grow and replace carbon-emitting fuels. Kenya signed a Paris Climate change treaty on greenhouse gas reduction obligations. The process of implementation of the Paris agreement on Renewable energy and energy efficiency has begun through the Least Developed Countries Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Initiative (LDC REEEI) for Sustainable Development. The LDC REEEI is keen on providing clean and sustainable energy to those who cannot access electricity, improving energy efficiency and thus creation of jobs in the manufacturing industries. It is also in [ ....... ]
  • The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) Executive Director Mithika Mwenda has been honoured by the Pan African Climate for his efforts in pushing for Climate Justice in Africa, for outstanding advocacy in the climate change discourse, and for being named among the world's 100 Most Influential People on Climate Justice. Mr Mithika, who was just recently declared this year’s Earth Care award winner, was also praised in the African Parliament for the influence he, through PACJA, has achieved among the Civil Society Groups and empowering communities to see the opportunities in climate change. While receiving his certificate, Mithika thanked [ ....... ]
  • Tanzanians have presented its first Voluntary National Review (VNR) report at this year’s (2019) High-Level Political Forum (HLPF). FORUMCC, which is Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) platform in Tanzania, played a key role in the VNR Process. This was done in Collaboration with Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform under the project Strengthening Partnerships for the effective implementation of the Agenda 2030 in East Africa. The initiative was supported by PACJA. The Tanzania’s Civil Societies met to discuss the key outcomes of the High-Level Political Forum during a Post-HLPF sharing session as well as the launch of the CSO SDGs Report [ ....... ]
  • The Ivory Coast’s platform of the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and Page Verte, a not-for-profit organisation, have collaborated to help encourage healthier living in schools in the country. Through its Youth and Intergenerational Equity Committee, PACJA and the Page Verte have been organising a ceremony to have the partnership agreement signed with the municipal school of Bonoua on the theme: "Study in a healthy environment". The general objective of this initiative is to make young people aware of environmental protection and the fight against climate change in Côte d'Ivoire. The teams involved hope the initiative will eventually lead [ ....... ]
  • PACJA is implementing the FCPF Project in Ethiopia, with our sub-grantees Ethio Wetlands and Natural Resources Association (EWNRA) contributing to better forest management and improvement of local communities’ livelihoods. This includes maximising on non-timber forest products (NTFPs), an initiative that has seen tangible results, with beekeepers in Nono-Selle, Didu, Ale, Halu and Becho getting trained on production of quality of honey. The organised PFM groups (marginalised, women, youth, the poor) that have received capacity building are in Woredas (Nono-Selle, Didu, Ale, Halu and Becho), Illu Ababora Zone and Oromia Regional State. As a result, there is better understanding of the Oromia Forest [ ....... ]
  • PACJA is implementing the Project through Gasy Youth Group, which has been mobilising national CSOs on REDD+ and offering training, especially in the eastern region. The initiative has attracted the attention of local authorities, including the mayor and Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. The authorities have now committed to supporting the youth group to advance this agenda. Besides, Gasy Youth Group has been nominated by the Madagascar government to train locals on REDD+. The training started on International Women’s Day in March 2019, benefitting 600 women on climate change and REDD+. “I got meaningful knowledge and capacity building on [ ....... ]

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