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  • Leading world agricultural experts, scientists, value chain actors, farmers and policymakers arrive in Nairobi next week to chart the way forward on how to substantially and sustainably reduce the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in the African continent. The PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) is an interested party in anything biodiversity because of their interconnectedness with climate change and all the issues around it. PACJA representatives therefore attended a meeting today in Nairobi, for the Press and partners’ briefing on the conference that will also discuss the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and define strategies for increasing the [ ....... ]
  • The Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) joined Kenyans from all walks of life to protest Government’s plan to build a coal powered energy plant in Lamu. PACJA was part of the Civil Society Organisations that braved the chilly morning in Nairobi, waving placards and banners with messages such as “Say NO to Coal”.  While giving his speech at the peaceful demonstrations, PACJA Executive Director Mithika Mwenda asked the Government to rethink its stand on the Lamu project and save the biodiversity. He told Kenyans to refuse the construction of the plant and instead push for safer and renewable energy. The [ ....... ]
  • Today I stand here to express my solidarity with the Lamu community, and to pour my heart on the visible yet ignored disaster Kenya, as a country, is about to plunge into.  It has all to do with the Lamu Coal Project, which, apparently, slowly but surely, is turning into another source of the current government’s controversial investment choices.  The ability to generate more energy from to supplement our main source, hydropower, would be a plus for Kenya. Having sufficient energy would definitely spur the country’s economy. And we all want an economically stable Kenya, with sustainable energy so that [ ....... ]
  • PACJA is carrying out this MTR to analyse the achievements of the Project from inception to date against its original set objectives. The MTR will be a forward-looking exercise and will capture lessons learnt and provide information on the nature, extent and where possible, the potential impact and sustainability of the Project. The MTR will assess the programmes’ design, scope, performance of the program against planned results, implementation status and the capacity to achieve the expected outcomes. The MTR will analyze implementation challenges and best practices in order to come up with appropriate lessons learnt and recommendations that will inform [ ....... ]
  • Background The African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) was established in December 1985 following a conference of African ministers of environment held in Cairo, Egypt. Its mandate is to provide advocacy for environmental protection in Africa; to ensure that basic human needs are met adequately and in a sustainable manner and to ensure that social and economic development is realised at all levels. Regular sessions of AMCEN have been convened every second year since its inception. In addition, several special sessions have been convened in between regular sessions to consider specific issues of concern. The Seventeenth Regular Session of [ ....... ]
  • Embu County in Kenya has been enlightened on the importance of having the climate change policy in place. A Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) team, in a meeting with the County Assembly’s Speaker Josiah Mureithi, said having the policies in place would position the devolved government at a strategic position to attract Green Climate Finances that would help mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. The PACJA team paid the Speaker a courtesy call to fast track progress on the draft climate change policy for the county and to push for its submission to the County Assembly and debating. Joan [ ....... ]
  • World Environment Day Walk with other participants to sensitize involvement in reduction of Air Pollution   Wednesday June 5th 2019   Commemoration of the World Environment Day The Pan-African Justice Alliance (PACJA) has marked this year’s World Environment Day with a resolve to spread its tentacles wider and further deeper into the grassroots to empower communities to fight the climate crisis through projects as well as have their voices heard at tables where climate related decisions are made. With this in mind, PACJA gave this year’s World Environment Day focus through different lenses in its many platforms around Africa, all [ ....... ]
  • Kenyans braved the wet and chilly morning to walk and cycle in commemoration of World Environment Day yesterday. Minimum gas emission was the emphasis, in accordance with this year’s World Environment Day theme-Beat Air Pollution. The activities in Nairobi yesterday were organized by the Nairobi County Governmet, the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), UN, Nema and several other organizations championing climate justice. The walk and cycling ended at the Railway Training Institute with a tree planting exercise. Several workshops to mark the day were held, with one organized by the PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance urging SMEs [ ....... ]
  • MESSAGE DU DIRECTEUR EXECUTIF DE PACJA LORS DE LA JOURNEE MONDIALE DE L'ENVIRONNEMENT  Le thème de la Journée mondiale de l’environnement de cette année est : « Combattre la pollution de l’air», n’aurait pas été mieux placé. Le monde a pris conscience que la pollution de l'air, le tueur invisible, non seulement tue un bon nombre d’humain, mais nuit également à notre croissance économique.  Que le dioxyde d'azote (NO2) puisse maintenant être lié à la mort de nombreux enfants ne devrait pas être simplement une alarme, mais une cause pour une action immédiate. Les gouvernements peuvent contrôler les émissions de gaz toxiques [ ....... ]
  • We are a consortium of more than 1000 organisations from 48 African countries that brings together a diverse membership drawn from Grassroots, Community-based organizations, Faith-based Organizations, Non-Governmental organizations, Trusts, Foundations, Indigenous Communities, Farmers and Pastoralist Groups with a shared vision to advance a people-centered, right-based, just and inclusive approach to address climate and environmental challenges facing humanity and the planet. We at PACJA believe that building a critical mass of Africans drawn from communities at the frontline of climate change impacts – smallholder farmers, pastoralists, marginalized groups, women, youth, etc – and giving them a voice constitute a major path towards resilience-building and climate justice. [ ....... ]

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