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The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance(PACJA)

PACJA is the largest, most active, trusted & most decorated alliance/coalition of Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) embodying one African voice on climate and environmental justice with over 1000 members in over 45 countries in Africa. Our primary goal is to mobilize and empower African civil societies to ensure realization of environmental and climate justice for all people in Africa.

Our Mission

To develop and promote pro-poor development and equity based positions relevant for Africa in the International climate change dialogue and related processes.

Our Vision

A global environment free from the threat of climate change with sustainable development, equity and justice for all.

Unity of Purpose

We have come together because we are concerned about the state of our planet and natural resources, and we would like to secure the values of natural resources to nature and people.

Courage & Determination

Most of our work involves protecting natural resources against miuse by powerful people and corporations. This can be dangerous and physically and emotionally draining. We however have the courage and determination to succeed.

Wise Use

We believe in the wise of natural resources so they continue to function effectively in serving the present and future generations.

Equitable Use

All people are equitably entitled to the values and benefits of our natural resources. Use of natural resources should be done in a manner that optimizs the values and benefits of the current and future generations.

Welcome To PACJA

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official PACJA website. At PACJA we beleive in an all inclusive approach to tackling climate change and meeting the SDGs as outlined by the United Nations. Our key focus areas inlude the the following:

  • Policy Influence
  • Public engagement & mobilization
  • Research, knowledge development & Communication
  • Institutional & governance strengthening
  • Holding governmants accountable

In line with our commitment to climate action and attainment of SDGs, we have partnered with several local and international organizations and governments to influence strategy and actions in attaining our goals. As a result, we have attained great milestones and won many prestigious awards as a recognition of our efforts. I welcome you all to be members of the PACJA fraternity. Lets work together to make this earth a better place for all. KARIBU.

Executive Director, Mithika Mwenda