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The county government of Marsabit  today launched  the County’s climate change adaptation action plan(MCCCAP) which will cushion key sectors against the impact of climate change.MCCCAP which is a key milestone towards efforts to address the county’s vulnerability to climate change was launched by Solomon Gubo,deputy governor Marsabit County.

The plan which identifies sectoral adaptation needs and also details specific sectoral action plans, key implementing partners and indicative cost is complimentary and consistent with existing strategies of the national climate change response strategy (NCCRS) 2010 and the county integrated development plan (CIDP).
Marsabit County is extremely susceptible to impacts of a changing climate because most livelihoods and economic activities are reliant on climate sensitive sectors. Agriculture, pastoralism, forestry and livestock are some of the most vulnerable sectors impacted by climate change in the county. Climate change which  has greatly affected the livelihood of residents as pastoral and agro-pastoral production is the leading source of income involving about 95% of its population. In recognition of the challenges posed by climate change it is vital that policies and measures for adaptation to climate change are put in place across all the vulnerable sectors in order to minimize the impending climate disasters.

“The county government will work with different stakeholders and the community to ensure this is not just a technical plan but it will be implemented in order to benefit the residents of the county ” Solomon Gubo, Deputy governor.
PACJA in collaboration with different partners including the Marsabit Climate Change Stakeholders Forum and the County Government will therefore work to see that the county has in place facilitative climate policies that support resilience of pastoralism, and an operational Climate change Fund.

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