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Slide background Slider image This year’s AMCEN has been themed: Taking action for Environmental Sustainability and Prosperity in Africa, and will focus on “the need for African countries to take practical action, including implementation of policies, relevant regional and global frameworks, in order for the continent to attain environmental sustainability and prosperity and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Africa’s Agenda 2063”.
Slide background Slider image PACJA takes part in Pre-COP25 Agriculture and Gender Negotiators and Experts Strategy Meeting
Slide background Slider image On September 21, 2019, the organization leaders of the Northern Burkina Faso cellar society and 40 local communities were trained in reforestation techniques of the plant cover.
Slide background Slider image Pacja on 27 September, 2019 Held a Walk to mark the end of the Global Climate Strike .
Slide background Slider image Regional dialogue for the forest dependent Indigenous peoples, other forest dwellers and southern CSOs in the Asia Pacific region kicked off on Thursday, 18th September, 2019, after the completion of the gender and REDD+ workshop the previous day. The FCPF funded workshop took place simultaneously with a similar one in Panama for the Carribean region.
Slide background Slider image The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance has joined the youth in the Global Climate Strike that will last eight days. The PACJA team has lined up several activities to take place in its different national platforms during the period of the global strike.
Slide background Slider image The Pan African Justice Alliance Executive Director Mithika Mwenda is this year’s winner of the International Earth Care Award.
Slide background Slider image PACJA Stands in Solidarity with Rural Communities in the Philippines.
Slide background Slider image Regional dialogue for the forest dependent Indigenous peoples, others forest dwellers and southern CSOs in the Asia Pacific region has kicked off today after the completion of the gender and REDD+ workshop .
Slide background Slider image The Swedish Government has praised a Pan African organisation for its transparency and pledged to continue working with it to address the climate crisis in Africa.
Slide background Slider image PACJA’s Felix M'mboyi and his team with Zambia Climate Change Network staff engaging the Climate Change department in the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. This is the first assignment in the development of the Implementation index.
Slide background Slider image Chatting a way forward towards a climate resilient Water, Sanitation and Health in East Africa.
Slide background Slider image The PACJA Gabon platform has just strengthened its governance structures, with its extraordinary general assembly. During the August 10, 2019 meeting at its headquarters in Angondje, Sherko City, members representing more than 60 Gabonese civil
Slide background Slider image Calls by a Kenyan Senate Committee on Agriculture to have the controversial Galana-Kulalu irrigation scheme audited are timely.
Slide background Slider image In Central African Republic, the Project is being implemented by PACJA through Central African Organization for the Conservation of Nature (OCDN). OCDN is focusing on increasing outreach of the CSO members of the GDRNE platform and local communities
Slide background Slider image Similar successes are being recorded in Mozambique, where the project is implemented by PACJA with Community Land Initiative (CLI). The capacity building has been on access to rights (land); governance systems at community levels; and payment for
Slide background Slider image PACJA’s Congo platform, through CIREK, is empowering civil society organizations to engage in community activities focusing on REDD+ and the fight against climate change. The REDD+ Strategy is being implemented in 48 localities of Sangha
Slide background Slider image Tanzanians have presented its first Voluntary National Review (VNR) report at this year’s (2019) High-Level Political Forum (HLPF). FORUMCC, which is Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) platform in Tanzania, played a key role in the VNR
Slide background Slider image The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) Executive Director Mithika Mwenda has been honored by the Pan African Climate for his efforts in pushing for Climate Justice in Africa, for outstanding advocacy in the climate change discourse
Slide background PACJA is fully commited
to a safe & healthy Earth for all
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Slide background Slider image Assertive policy and regulatory frameworks are essential in creating favorable conditions that would allow renewable energy technologies to grow and replace carbon-emitting fuels. Kenya signed a Paris Climate change treaty on greenhouse gas
The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance(PACJA)

PACJA is the largest, most active, trusted & most decorated alliance/coalition of Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) embodying one African voice on climate and environmental justice with over 1000 members in over 45 countries in Africa. Our primary goal is to mobilize and empower African civil societies to ensure realization of environmental and climate justice for all people in Africa.

Our Mission

To develop and promote pro-poor development and equity based positions relevant for Africa in the International climate change dialogue and related processes.

Our Vision

A global environment free from the threat of climate change with sustainable development, equity and justice for all.

Core Values

Unity of Purpose: We have come together because we are concerned about the state of our planet and natural resources, and we would like to secure the values of natural [...]

Thematic Areas

Civil Society readiness for the Green Climate Fund project.

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Climate Finance: This project seeks to scale-up existing Civil Society capacities to advocate for [...]


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Resilence People, Society and Economics Introduction PACJA is currently the Africa CSO Recipient [...]

Just Transition and Energy Access

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Just Transition and Energy Access In an effort to promote and encourage Just Transition in Africa; the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) has [..]

Policy Influence
Public engagement and mobilization
Holding governments accountable
HResearch, knowledge development and communication
Institutional and governance strengthening
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Capacity Building
Awareness Creation
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Welcome To PACJA

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official PACJA website. At PACJA we believe in an all inclusive approach to tackling climate change and meeting the SDGs as outlined by the United Nations. Our key focus areas inlude the the following:

  • Policy Influence
  • Public engagement & mobilization
  • Research, knowledge development & Communication
  • Institutional & governance strengthening
  • Holding governmants accountable

In line with our commitment to climate action and attainment of SDGs, we have partnered with several local and international organizations and governments to influence strategy and actions in attaining our goals. As a result, we have attained great milestones and won many prestigious awards as a recognition of our efforts. I welcome you all to be members of the PACJA fraternity. Lets work together to make this earth a better place for all. KARIBU.

Executive Director, Mithika Mwenda

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