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PACJA Appointed to Participate in Kiambu County Climate Change Policy Formulation

01.24.2019 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


PACJA has been appointed to be part of a high level Technical Consultative Advisory Committee to Formulate Water, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources (WEENR) Policy for the County Government of Kiambu. PACJA will participate in this Policy formulation process in conjunction with the Kiambu County Government’s department of WEENR.

Like other County governments, Kiambu County in performance of its functions is expected to integrate and mainstream climate change actions, interventions and duties into various sectors as set out in the climate change act, (2016) and the National Climate Change Action Plan (2013-2017). The second consultative meeting to chart a roadmap to the policy formulation process is scheduled to take place on 24th January 2019 in Kiambu.

Significance of PACJA’s Participation in Kiambu County’s WEENR Policy

Kiambu County is adjacent to the northern border of Nairobi County with a population of 1,623,282. The 2018 national census conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) ranks Kiambu county as the 5th most populous in Kenya out of the total 47 counties. 40% of this uniquely cosmopolitan county lies within the rural areas with 60% lying in urban areas owing to Nairobi's consistent growth Northwards. This presents a complex mix of both rural and urban socio-environmental challenges to the county.

The population pressure, rapid urbanization and increased demand for fuel for factories has led to massive felling of trees in the nearby Kinare forest leading to soil erosion, desertification, mushrooming of slums, destruction of water catchments and environmental degradation. In addition, the tea factories, coffee industries, quarries, poor farming methods, pesticides and chemicals and the ensuing air and water pollution cumulatively pose a serious threat to the environment. Some effects of this include: decreased food production, increase in water borne diseases, crime, inadequate solid waste management and sewerage systems.

Preceding the formation of this Technical Consultative Policy Committee, The Kiambu county government proposed that NEMA enforces the Environment Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) by ensuring that industries and other stakeholders operating within the county treat their waste to the required standards and that all stakeholders be sensitized to put proper and sustainable environmental conservation measures to make the county environmentally clean.

PACJA in Anti-Environmental Degradation, Climate Change and Mitigation

The unique challenges of Kiambu county and the urgent need for sustainable environmental conservation measures necessitates an elaborate policy to manage the county’s Water, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources. This appointment provides a good platform for PACJA to influence the formation of this policy in line with its key strategic areas namely: Policy Influence; Public Engagement and Mobilization; Holding Governments Accountable; Research, Knowledge Development and Communication; and Institutional and Governance Strengthening.

PACJA a coalition of over 1000 CSOs from 45 countries in Africa comprising of Faith-based Organizations, Community-based organizations, Non-Governmental organizations, Trusts, Foundations, Farmers and Pastoralists’ Groups; bring to the Technical Policy Formulation Committee effectiveness in coordination and strategic engagement in various governmental spaces both at national and continental levels; and experience on policy influence to tackle climate-occasioned economic, political and humanitarian inequality, injustice, poverty and food insecurity.

PACJA has extensively provided National and Regional Governments’ proposals to the UNFCCC negotiations on provisions of the Paris Agreement. This, coupled with experience in strengthening National Platforms, in-depth studies, strong national engagement models and policy options; will enable the Alliance to provide useful inputs aimed at the achievement of pro-poor and people-centered WEENR policy for Kiambu county.

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