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Assesing EbA Intergration into Kitui County Policies as a major response to climate change,policy brief.

In Kitui County, mainstreaming EbA into policy will promote integrated approach to climate change impacts and can robustly address both the climatic extreme events and sustainability issues. The key purpose of mainstreaming is to achieve the goals of ensuring healthy and productive ecosystems and promote adaptation practices as part of overall development interventions.

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Strategic Plan 2016-2020

PACJA’s new strategic plan for the period 2016-2020 reflects the growing mandate of the Alliance, which is seeking to conduct
interventions across the environment sector to promote stronger people-centred, pro-poor perspectives on the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) and the the Paris Agreement. 2015 is a pivotal year for advocacy on both climate justice and the root,
underlying causes of vulnerability.
The PACJA Strategic Plan 2016-2020 has been prepared through extensive consultation with the member organizations as well as with
funding partners and other key stakeholders, culminating in a two-day workshop in Nairobi in July 2015, in which forty-three members
participated. At the workshop an overall PACJA goal was formulated as follows: to mobilize and empower African civil society to
ensure realization of environmental and climate justice for all people in Africa.

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Pact setting Paris Agreement in Motion key requirements implementing guidelines

The implementing guidelines for the Paris Agreement—known as the Paris Rulebook—are essential to operationalize national and international commitments to combat intensifying climate change in a fair and effective manner. The guidelines will create a framework for how countries will implement their climate commitments and bring the Paris Agreement to life. The goal is to enable Parties to communicate, report, review, and strengthen climate action in accordance with their capabilities, and do so in a way that is transparent and accountable to the international community. Clear guidelines will enhance predictability and confidence in the transformation to a low-carbon and climate-resilient world, while enhancing international cooperation and support for countries and communities with limited capacities.

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Bottom-up climate legislation in Cameroon

To implement the Paris climate change agreement at the national level, countries will have to review existing governance frameworks and develop new rules and regulations. This may result in “top-down” legislation that does not reflect the concerns of particularly climate vulnerable groups and communities. Under the umbrella of the African Climate Legislation Initiative (ACLI), The Cameroon Climate Change Working Group (CCCWG), therefore, organised several stakeholder consultation meetings in Cameroon with a view to developing a demand oriented law review and development approach that values the perspectives of affected people and could potentially be applied in different jurisdictions.

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