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Mainstreaming Climate Change Into Development

There is need to mainstream adaptation to climate change into development, planning and sectorial decision making for better and faster response to climate change. Both mitigation of and adaptation to climate change requires actions to be taken in many sectors of society, but so far this is hardly happening. This policy brief suggests possibilities of widening climate change policy by strengthening inter-linkages between climate policies and the climate change act of Kenya.

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Mapping the linkages between the transparency Framework and other provision of the Paris Agreement.

Following the adoption and unprecedentedly rapid entry into force of the PA, Parties have less than two years—till December 2018—to translate the political consensus of Paris into tangible steps toward implementation. Negotiators must develop a Paris “rule book” to guide implementation, and the results of their efforts could either underpin actionable outcomes or undermine the objectives of the PA.1 The Paris rule book will be a critical tool to guide Parties in fulfilling their requirements under the Agreement.

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Transforming Energy for a Clean and Sustainable Future in Africa

Energy is the key component in the mitigation response to combatting climate change. If dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate is to be avoided this century, a worldwide transition to renewable energy sources needs to take place urgently. The African continent is facing a particularly key moment in itsdevelopment pathway, with a stark choice to be made between either following the same highcarbon path pursued by industrialized countries, or concentrating its growth on low-carbon climate resilient development.

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Critical Analysis Of The Baringo County Integrated Development Plan

Planning is an integral part of the development process, according to the Public Finance Management Act (PFM 35 and PFM 126), it is the first critical stage of the budget process The PFM 126 provides that every county shall prepare a development plan in accordance with Article 220(2) of the Constitution of Kenya for approval by the county assembly.

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