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Fare thee well Bob Collymore

After years of steering Safaricom to greater heights, Bob Collymore bows out today, to an unknown land.

It is sad day. It is a loss for many.

One thing is, however, for sure; Bob Collymore did indeed fight a good all-round fight. We called more, but we also learnt a lot from his resilience to the killer cancer since 2017.

That he was bent on ensuring Safaricom sustained its niche as one of the most profitable telcos in the region and a source of employment and revenue for many, was not in doubt. But Bob Collymore also took time to think of other issues, such as climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. He worried about effects of the climate crisis, as expressed in an article titled: Africa doesn’t need aid; it needs climate action, which he published earlier this year.

“…businesses must send strong signals to governments in support of ambitious climate policy. We must work together to make bold policy changes that address climate change, provide financing and incentives for private sector investment, and build capacity for Africa – and the rest of the world – to become more resilient to global warming. We’ve talked long enough; the time for action is now,” Bob Collymore had said early in the year.

As an ardent climate justice fighter, the statement made a lot of sense to me as an individual, and for our team at the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA).

We will continue this fight. We will continue to call upon the private sector, businesses and individuals to join in the fight for cleaner environment, food, and the air we breath.

We might not do so much, but whatever we do, little as it may be, as Bob Collymore put it, it is something, and it may help someone.

The death of Collymore is a loss for Safaricom, Kenya and the entire world.

Rest in Peace Bob! We promise to call for more involvement of private sector and businesses in this fight against Climate Justice.



Mithika Mwenda,

Executive Director,

The Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance.

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