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The PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance has sent a team from its secretariat in Nairobi to Gabon to follow up on projects started and funded there since last year.

Gabonese PACJA national coordinator Fabrice Ntchango, accompanied by Arnold Ngoueni Lendouba, the ODD focal point, landed in the country on the west coast of Central Africa on Wednesday, and was busy from Thursday reviewing the activities supported by Pacja one year after launching the Gabon Chapter and the Gabonese Platform for Climate, Energy and Sustainable Development (PCED). The projects were launched with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Gabonese Office of the United Nations System.

The team from Nairobi comprised of PACJA’s Political and Technical Affairs Committee Chair Augustine B Njamnshi, Salina Sanou, Gracia Mgaria and Charles Mwangi. They met with the Director General of the Environment and Protection of Nature Emmanuel Ngoni Bayani, Serge Nolly Allô'o Allô'o, who is the DGA CNAP, together with René Mbozo and Lunegonde Mouele, both of DCEPN.

Mr Njamnshi thanked the Director of the Environment and Nature Protection for his time and congratulated him for his appointment as Director General, recalling that the two of them had been brothers and the voice of African civil society to be heard in biodiversity’s conservation and protection.

Mr Ntchango commended the creation of the Gabonese chapter of PACJA and highlighted some of the activities the platform carried out for the one year it had been operational.

He presented the achievements made with the team he coordinates, and highlighted some of the short and medium-term prospects.

They include collaboration between the Environment and Nature Protection Department of Gabon and PACJA, following interventions by Mrs Sanou and Mr Mwangi, both who respectively support the idea that African CSOs should engage with and fit in government programs.

Sanou and Mwangi have also urged non-State actors and State actors to be much more involved in conservation and protection of biodiversity as is the case in Gabon.

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