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(May 16th, 2019 to May 17th, 2019)

Concept Note


Order of St. Augustine – OSA (Ishiara parish), in partnership with Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and with financial support from United Kingdom Aid Match grant through the Department For International development (DFID), is implementing a Community resilience and climate change adaptation project in drought ravaged Arid and Semi-Arid (Marginal mixed farmers agro-ecological zone) areas of Embu County.

In order to support communities in Embu County to cope and mitigate the effects of climate change, the project collaborates with PACJA in capacity building and creating awareness on the effects and impacts of climate change. The trainings basically focus on the climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies that will see the community members cope with the adverse environmental conditions. OSA-Ishiara in partnership with PACJA has organised a two-day workshop for the Community and local leaders on natural resource management and climate change adaptation.

 Climate change and climate variability pose major threats to the environment, to economic growth and to sustainable development. Africa is the continent least responsible for climate change but it is the most vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change. The negative effects include reduced agricultural production, reduced food security, increased incidences of flooding and droughts, widespread disease epidemics, and increased risk of conflict over scarce land and water resources.

Effects of Climate change are evidenced in Embu County as currently felt through unpredictable and unreliable rainfall (both annual and seasonal), steadily increased temperatures and emerging pests and diseases. The residents of Embu County have started to cope through various adaptation strategies, which include, but are not limited to agricultural production diversification, planting of drought tolerant crops, water harvesting, soil fertility manipulation, soil conservation, conservation agriculture and climate information use. Though the farmers are committed to the aforementioned efforts, little achievements have been made. This has been blamed on little knowledge, inadequate capacity, insufficient finances and little technical knowhow coupled with little or no commitment from the county and national governments in supporting citizens to adapt effectively and in a sustainable manner. In order to curb the many challenges, a need to build capacity has been felt. This will target local leaders, who later become the champions of climate change adaptation at the community level. This will be the core focus of the two-day workshop

 Purpose of Service Provision

 The central focus of OSA-ISHIARA parish is the improvement of livelihood for all categories of marginal mixed farmers in the county, while influencing Government institutions to provide an enabling environment for local communities to strive. The focal point of this workshop is to ensure the capacity of representatives of the local community of Evurore ward of Embu County is adequately built on natural resource management and climate change adaptation, while focusing on socio economic activities that are adversely affecting the state of the natural resource management within the ward and county as well as contributing to climate change. The activities are inclusive and not limited to:

  1. Deforestation that is mainly caused by the local population in their quest for fuel. This includes firewood and charcoal.
  2. Sand harvesting, which is mainly affecting the Mbeere North and Mbeere south sub-counties and in rare cases do the county decision makers want to hear the issue being addressed owing to the fact that it generates a greater percentage of the county revenue.
  3. Water resource pollution resulting from various human activities attributed to agricultural development and other minor industrial work.
  4. General land degradation attributed to high levels of soil erosion due to overgrazing and other forms of over exploitation of the land resources.


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