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Every 22nd April more than 500 million people in the world celebrate Earth day, to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It is an annual event created to celebrate the planets environment and raise public awareness about pollution. This year’s theme is “Protect our species”.This day is celebrated by lots of people by encouraging the people to save the Earth by providing them with every knowledge about the security of the Environment as well as provide them ideas and plans to protect the Environment.

On 22nd April 2009 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring 22nd April as the “International Mother Earth Day”. The resolution was adopted to reaffirm the agenda of sustainable development and also to acknowledge the role of earth as a mother, who sustains and nurtures all the species, including humans, animals and plants. The resolution was introduced by the unitary plurinational state of Bolivia and was supported by 50 other member states of the United Nations.

Today there are millions of people who are degrading the environment and making it polluted from years to years by which the environment is getting damaged day by day. This degradation of the environment can cause lots of problems to the air as well as many types of Resources. This can directly or indirectly affect the daily life of the people in a negative way.

So it is very necessary to save the environment and make it better for future use. It is quite important to make a proper note of all the activities many people do to accurately focus on the negative as well as positive effects on the environment and to make the people stop harming the environment.

You can easily be a part of the solution to our environmental woes in 2019. And if you’re not already respecting the Earth on a daily basis, Earth Day is a great time to start.

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