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In the last few months, Youths from around the world have been in involved in various activities to demand for climate justice and climate action. The growing movement is now in Africa, with young people taking to the streets in peaceful demonstrations to place pressure on their governments to increase ambition on climate change.

The youth are the back bone of the nation and can change the future of the society with their well-being and courageous behaviour, as they constitute the majority of the population in many countries, and have an increasingly strong social and environmental awareness, that has the power to transform our societies towards a low-carbon and climate resilient future.

Young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow, they’re making huge changes to the world around them, right now. Whether it’s through social media or ‘hashtag’ activism, writing online about a cause, or taking part in a protest, there are many ways that young people can ‘be the change’ and make a difference to the world.

This article highlights 6 strategic ways youths across the world can help protect their home – the world.

  1. Use online platforms to reach others.

There’s never been a greater time in history for reaching out to millions of people around the world. You’ve probably seen how a single Twitter hashtag can create massive social awareness. What hashtags can you contribute to, or even create? You can use your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts to spread awareness about climate change and to discuss how you’re helping solve the problem.

  1. Talk about it

Talk more about climate change even if you don’t have all the answers. That’s where creativity and solutions come from. And that’s what will help our leaders to realize that climate change is an important issue for current and future voters, and be bound to do something about it.

  1. Collaborate with others.

Young people must continue to take part in intergovernmental climate change processes across the globe, for quick global effects. More collaborative efforts are crucial to tackling climate change by spreading its awareness among the people and working closely with governments to ensure policy implementations.

  1. Partner with government.

Elected leaders want to hear from their constituents and what they’re interested in. However, they can’t tackle poverty or climate change singlehandedly, what they really want is to know what they can personally do about it. Write to them, or even ask for a meeting with them, and show them what you think they should be focusing on.


  1. Buy less stuff.

Buying less not only cuts down on plastic packaging that is clogging our oceans, it also reduces your carbon footprint and puts fewer greenhouse gas emissions into our atmosphere. If you’re a regular user of plastic water bottles, invest in a reusable bottle. If you’re a frequent consumer of straws, opt against them (reusable straws are an option!).

  1. Volunteer

As a Youth Volunteer, you will help advance peace and sustainable development either in your own country or in another country around the globe. You will help people to lead healthier and safer lives and communities to be able to better address present and future challenges. To start with, focus on how you can help your local area or a cause within your country.

By;Maryann Mwende.

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