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The Global Major Groups and stakeholders Forum (GMGSF) has just kicked off at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi on at high note.

“The role of the civil societies in seeking solutions to climate change and global environmental issues that we are experiencing cannot be underestimated, we have a crucial role to play in not just supporting the progressive forces across the world but also holding governments responsible to the laws they pass affecting local people across the world.” Mithika Mwenda of Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) has said in his opening remarks.

PACJA is co-hosting the The Global Major Groups and stakeholders Forum in Nairobi.

Mithika has underscored the place of civil society in the global discussions and reiterated the civil society mantra of “Nothing without us”

Mr.Siim Kiisler, Minister of Environment of Estonia and UNEA President has also addressed the opening session. Kiisler has assured the Major Groups and Stakeholders that their voices will be heard and taken into account at the Assembly. He has also challenged stakeholders to pull together more, push and ensure that their positions are more robust and that their input in the various discussions has a cutting edge.

The opening session was also addressed by Mohamed Abdelraouf, Mrinalini Rai (Tina) and Khawla Al-Muhannadi. All of them have insiisted on the need for the major groups to pull together and push together for success in the agenda and interests of the groups and stakeholders.

Augustine Njamnshi, Technical & Political Affairs Committee at PACJA has  been offering valuable guidance as Chair and moderator of all the sessions from the Opening ceremony.


The Major groups and stakeholders will be holding their consultations for the next two days ahead of the United Nations Environmental Assembly that will be running from 11th – 15th at the UNEP headquarters in Nairobi

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