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The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance together with other civil society organizations held a review to validate the Kenya National Adaptation Plan (2015-2030). Through the Climate Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation project funded by Trocaire, the workshop focused on giving inputs on specific strategies to strengthen natural resource management and agro-ecological approaches in the adaptation plan.

While giving her presentation, National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Consultant stated that the adaptation plan was formed to highlight the importance of adaptation and resilience building actions in development. The Kenya NAP 2015-2030 review report which is in the first draft  Identifies the major climate risks and hazards faced by the country namely droughts, floods and sea level rise as identified through a vulnerability analysis.

NAP also identifies climate vulnerability analysis as the main evidence process that the country and counties will need to adopt during prioritization of adaptation actions.  The county actors were urged to be watchdogs for the adaptation plans as to account for the funds set aside for the plans or else the funds may be diverted to other projects. NAP proposes key policy framework to be based on the climate smart agriculture framework and strategies.

Discussions on how counties are allocating money to climate change emerged. For example, in Embu County, the county has adopted the Water Act and has allocated 2% of their budget to water conservation.

While giving their recommendations the CSO’S suggested that the adaptation plan includes the needs of different groups like Gender and youth. They also recommended there was need for lobbying and advocacy in order for the communities to understand the adaptation plans and for them to be implemented in the county levels.

While giving the closing remarks, the project officer said through the two projects, community resilience and climate change adaptation and Angaza projects, PACJA will use the recommendations to advocate for policy changes and concrete actions to be adopted by both the national and county governments through the implementation of the recommendations identified in the review report.




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