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PACJA: 30, 2018.The Kenya National Platform on Climate Governance (KNPCG) held a successful 3 day planning and strategy meeting at Nokras Riverine Hotel, Muranga. 

The get-together that was attended by 3 representatives from each of the 5 thematic working Groups and members of PACJA secretariat, among other things the meeting aimed at bonding and coming to consensus on a number of issues within the platform on governance and activities.

Speaking during the retreat PACJA Executive Director, Mithika Mwenda challenged platform leaders to develop the necessary expertise on climate and environment in order to be effective in climate governance discourse both at National and international levels. Mithika also emphasized that Climate change is no longer an isolated scientific & environmental issue but it has dimensions in all human development indicating the need for coordinated efforts from all stakeholders globally to mitigate negative effects and promote resilience in all ecosystems .He emphasized that Networking and trust building processes and initiative among organizations is the key to realization of the Objectives, mission and the vision of KNPCG.

KNPCG chairperson David Jesse shared the vision and mission of the platform with leaders and guided in planning for remaining part of this year  and next year activities. According to Jesse and Angaza Project team, each thematic working group will come up with 2 relevant activities that will be implemented in the remaining part of the year and next year.  

Hausner Wendo, the project officer updated the members of the steering committee on the implementation status of Angaza Project. According to him the objectives and outputs of the project are being achieved and the progress of implementation was on track.  This is evident from the ongoing thematic working groups’ activities both at National and County levels.  All thematic Working Groups have already implemented their priority activities at the county level and developed reports of the activities.  In addition, all groups have been trained on various angles of Climate policies including, National Climate Change Action plan (NCAAP), the National Adaptation plans, Climate Change Act 2016, The climate Change Fund regulations with an aim of enhancing their capacity in climate governance.

The meeting also reviewed and adopted the National platform advocacy strategy for the period of 2018 to 2022. The strategy will be used by the platform as a guide towards influencing policy makers and key stakeholders to act fairly in achieving desired change in the implementation of climate policies and actions.  According to Dr. Elizabeth Pantoren, the vice chair of KNPCG, the strategy will enhance the involvement of climate change and Non state actors in achieving low carbon and climate resilient sustainable development as stipulated in Kenya’s medium-term plan III, NCCAP, Climate Change Act 2016 and vision 2030.

At the end of the meeting leaders resolved to work together within the platform to achieve the bigger goals of united Non State actors in Kenya on climate governance. All thematic groups will participate actively in the pre-cop meeting; the platform will make inputs to the Pre-COP agenda followed by a meeting to prepare the national Non- state Actors position on 16th November preceding the joint Pre-COP tentatively planned for 22 November 2018.



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