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100 Youth from Africa convened on the 8th and 9th October 2018 during the African Youth Intergenerational Justice workshop on the sidelines of the 7thConference on Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA VII) Nairobi, Kenya.  The theme of the convening being "African youth Intergenerational Equity and Justice perspective" the engagement aimed at:
1.      Building capacity of African Youth on Intergenerational Justice.
2.      To identify engagement opportunities in Intergenerational Equity discourse.
3.      Agreeing on critical issues for African youth to collaborate in.
Intergenerational justice is at the heart of the young people of Africa. The common responsibility of environment and climate protection that humanity has is not to be compromised by any of humanity's actions.  Humanity at large owes future generations a safe, conducive and sustainable climate. Where humanity has failed to protect the climate, as it is the case now, devoid of the fact that future generations have to live and advance their livelihoods, then humanity owes it to the future generations to make it right as this is unjust! Within this reality, the actions of all humanity inclusive of the young generation have to be accorded equal admonition as all of us have equal rights entitling us to a safe climate.
With the ambition to define key youth issues in the climate change discourse, define youth responsibility for present and future generation, catalyse collaboration among youth networks across the continent and facilitate an honest climate action dialogue within the purview of Talanoa, the convening delivered the following:
1.      Youth agreed and prioritized key actions within key sectors of African economy impacted on by climate change. These are environment, energy, agriculture and water sectors.
2.      African youth agreed to collaborate in advancing climate actions with PACJA taking lead to support this agenda.
3.      Establishment of an information sharing and learning platform on climate change and sustainable development; a platform accessible for use by African youth
4.      Reflections on the ambitions of the youth in Africa in advancing climate action were done with key actions on addressing existing challenges recommended during the Talanoa process.
In view of the great task at hand to implement the Paris Agreement, ensure young people are effectively engaged in climate governance and policies support innovative solutions, African Youth in climate change work called upon stakeholders and sectoral actors to support youth efforts in championing climate justice and implementing climate actions.

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