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PACJA joins the World in the Global Climate Strike.

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance has joined the youth in the Global Climate Strike that will last eight days.

The PACJA team has lined up several activities to take place in its different national platforms during the period of the global strike.

Speaking from New York, where he is on official duty, the PACJA Executive Director Mithika Mwenda, in a speech to show solidarity with the participants of the strike from around the world, asked nations to consider funding initiatives that would be immediately effective in alleviating the sufferings of those at the frontline of climate change.

He urged communities affected to also do every little thing they could as a contribution to tackling climate change. “It starts with me… and just like the humming bird the Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai referred to, I will do what I can, however little,” said Mithika.

He also vowed that PACJA would build the capacity of those affected by the climate crisis to be able to see the opportunity in their environments, and also push policy makers to pass laws that would ensure justice to those affected by climate change.

PACJA’s Political and Technical Affairs Committee Chair Augustine B Njamnshi, also speaking from New York in support of the Global Climate Strike, said: "Until mankind comes to a level, where we are jointly and/or severally allergic to human suffering, no matter where and when it occurs, the concept of "international community" will remain a myth".

He encouraged partnership among organisations, individuals and nations to beat the climate change challenge and for the sake of humanity and the rest of the biodiversity.

“Climate Action cannot wait any longer,” added Njamnshi.

At the same time, PACJA’s Head of Programmes, speaking in Manila, Philippines, where she has been attending a conference “Beyond Labels, Beyond Borders: International Solidarity Conference on the Rights of Climate Migrants”, said: “The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and partners stand in solidarity with the communities of Barangay Taliptip during this period of Climate Strike. During the UN Secretary General Climate Summit (September 23rd) and the People’s Assembly (September 24th and 25th) PACJA and global partners such the Global Call Against Poverty (GCAP) must bring the voices of many grassroots communities such as the Barangay Taliptip to the fore front of climate justice discussions and create the visibility of the sufferings and injustices that these communities are subjected to.”

The PACJA community will throughout this week engage communities in many ways. In solidarity with the rest of the world marking the Climate Strike, we have started an online campaign among youth and older folk, in which they appeal to governments, organisations and individuals on immediate climate action. This campaign has seen Pacja collect views of people from Africa, Asia, the US and even the Southern region.

Other activities involved include sports, marching with groups, including scouts, joining other Civil Society Groups in marching in city centres and signing petitions meant to send messages to authorities, daily messages shared on T-Shirts, banners and posters, to mention a few.

This is just the beginning, as PACJA hopes to continue its push for Climate Justice in Africa and beyond, among the young, old, poor, rich, those at the frontline of the climate crisis and the rest of the world.

PACJA has been involved in the push for clean energy, under its Just Transition and Energy Access theme. The organisation has also condemned the mining or use of coal, or implementation of coal-fuelled power projects like the one in Kenya’s Lamu County.

Mithika, in his statement, called on the bigger emitters of the greenhouse gas to focus on helping the affected, who are mostly in poor and non-industrialised countries, mitigate and adapt to the crisis they are in.

He also asked the world leaders to take serious the climate crisis and act towards tackling it, instead of making it a laughing matter.

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