PACJA signs a ground breaking MoU with NAACP

The demand for justice anywhere in the world has taken the pains and struggles of selfless and dedicated persons, human beings with blood running through their veins feeling the pains and suffering of all the rest.   They give their lives to stand up for the rest. As we celebrate the icons of justice across the globe today and remember the sacrifice that Tata Madiba Mandela made for a united SA, another milestone has been in quest for climate justice in the world.

In the spirit of the great Icons fighting racial injustice in the USA over the last one century, in following their footsteps to liberate the African Americans from the yokes of physical slavery and segregation from the rest of the people, the fathers and mothers of NAACP walked the long ardous paths to achieve their aims.   The struggle continues today in different levels and different formats but all geared towards the emancipation of the person of colour from any encumbrances to enjoy their democratic rights.

As we mark the 100 years of one of the great sons of Africa and indeed the world, Nelson Mandela, who would have turned 100 years today, National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People(NAACP) and Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) have signed a ground-breaking MoU at 109th Convention in Saint Antonio, Texas.

This MoU among other things seeks to enhance cooperation between the two parties, in issues of education and raising awareness, conducting joint research and policy analysis.  This cooperation will see the two parties do joint programming to reduce emissions, promote clean energy and climate adaptation and resilience.

NAACP and PACJA will develop joint global organising campaigns to engage with the governments of USA and the United Nations and its constituent bodies like (UNFCC, UNCSW, CEDAW, UN DESA) among others.

This MoU in effect brings to Africa, the great mobilizing strengths of the century old NAACP with its capacity to weigh into the climate Justice debate.  NAACP will join hands with PACJA that has done a lot of work in the continent in pushing the climate change agenda from a number of angles.

PACJA has over the years engaged in policy influence with the intention to ensure that environmental and climate justice for all people in Africa, particularly the most vulnerable is achieved.

The Alliance has also done public engagement and mobilization with the intent to raise public awareness, mobilizing and empowering citizens of Africa and globally to pressure their governments both local and national into environmental rights issues to ensure that vulnerable people participate in formulation of policy towards the realisation of development with the context of the Sustainable development goals (SDGs)

PACJA has sought to hold governments accountable across the continent in supporting civil society to play its role in monitoring the compliance of African governments to their international and sovereign commitments to human rights in the context of environmental and climate justice.

NAACP has engaged in high level lobbying around climate justice issues and worked with various state governments to push for environmental friendly policies and correcting injustices on people of colour over the years.

The association has engaged grassroots support to agitate for reversal of use of fossil fuels and adoption of clean energy across the states and mobilised people of colour to depend for their rightful places in decision making organs on issues of climate and environmental justice.

The two organization will now seek ways to enrich each other and strengthen their mandates in the search for climate justice and environmental conservation.

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