PACJA holds national climate change governance meeting in Nairobi

The Pan African Climate Justice is today holding the second national stakeholders consultative meeting on national climate change governance at the Double Tree Hotel in Nairobi. 

The meeting, which is being held under the Angaza project, seeks to give feedback on the outcomes of the committee set up to come up with recommendations on consolidation of the national CSO climate governance platform and creation of a national non-state actors platform.

There will be discussions on the review of the national climate change action plan and communication on the way forward on the selection process for CSO representatives on the national climate change council by a task force led by the NGO council.

The meeting will also provide an opportunity to discuss the national CSO momentum platform membership and thematic working groups.

The Angaza project which is under the Deepening Democracy Programme funded by the British People through UK Aid seeks to promote effective climate change governance in Kenya through coordination among civil societies to engage and advocate for a transparent, accountable, participatory climate change governance process.

The project seeks to encourage civil society organisations to explore ways to work together on thematic issues within climate change and build the capacity of thematic working groups to meaningfully collaborate under the newly enacted Climate Change Act 2016 regime.

Strengthened CSO thematic working groups provide informed input, technical review papers, and information on climate change processes including government-led climate change interventions with the participation of CSOs.

The strategy empowers CSOs to participate in governance and their own development by addressing climate change gaps within governance processes as well as enhancing CSO capacity to effectively engage, while at the same time offering informed perspectives that complement government’s work through enhanced participation.

The project was launched in December 2017 and officially began implementation in January 2018.


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