PACJA Concludes Stakeholder Consultations in 3 Countries

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) has just concluded stakeholder consultations with Ethiopia, Botswana and Zambia on climate advocacy and inputs into national and regional strategic climate change processes. These three countries also underwent an Organization Capacity Assessment to understand their strengths, weakness, and opportunities as organizations and strengthen strategic links

This move by PACJA is aimed at creating strong pillars in countries hosting Regional Economic Integration Communities (RECs) and Pan African Institutions to ensure consistent and sustainable outreach, where civil society and communities at the front line of climate change impacts play proactive role.

The National platforms identified and relevant Institutions they host, respectively, include Kenya (UN Environment), Ethiopia (AU, UNECA), Botswana (SADC), Gabon (AMCEN, CAHOSCC, CEMACC), Nigeria (ECOWAS), Tanzania (EAC), Ivory Coast (African Development Bank) and Zambia (COMESA).

This process will enhance capacity of civil society and their effectiveness in coordination, strategically engaging in various governmental spaces, first beginning at national and feeding into continental levels, will enable them to catalyse change and ensure bottom-up, pro-poor and people-centred narratives form the basis for implementation of the provisions of the Paris Agreement, and more importantly, the Nationally Determined Contributions ( NDCs). 

The next stakeholder consultative meetings will take place in Gabon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Tanzania.

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