African CSOs call for transparency, accountability in GCF

African Civil Societies have called on key institutions in the Green Climate Fund (including NDAs and national focal points, relevant ministries, implementing entities, the GCF Board and the GCF Secretariat) to ensure transparency and accountability of procedures and structured and effective engagement of civil society.


The representatives of CSOs from Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia and from organisations implementing the GCF CSO readiness project were speaking during a workshop on Civil Society Readiness to the Green Climate Fund in Kampala, Uganda on June 22.

They lamented that information regarding the GCF was hard to find, adding that most of them were unable to navigate the website in search of information as they lacked the know-how.

Those who could use the website noted that some information was missing such as supporting documents to project proposals, adding that most national institutions do not provide the necessary information in a transparent and timely manner.

The participants noted that it is important to increase the capacities of African CSOs in GCF processes so as to ensure they are able to advocate for ambitious proposals, bring on-the-ground expertise on the implementation of GCF-funded projects and ensure accountability in GCF-funded activities in their countries.

During the workshop, which was co-organised by the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and CARE International, it was noted that African CSOs could play a relevant role in the international aspects of the GCF, such as during Board meeting discussions, as few African civil society representatives are currently engaged at that level.

The participants noted that going forward information regarding the GCF should be shared with the public through workshops, adding that this will boost their understanding of the GCF as well as provide an avenue for the sharing of information and a link to the global CSO community. 

They noted that it was time to start developing national CSO strategies for GCF engagement in their home countries and cultivating relationships with the NDAs and implementing entities with a defined common agenda and agreed on terms of engagement.

Please find the Summary Statement, Concept note, and Agenda of the meeting here 


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