African Climate Change And Environmental Reporting (ACCER) Awards

The ACCER Award is aimed at recognizing African journalists who have excelled in environmental journalism. It seeks to encourage constructive environmental focus in African media, both at the policy formulation and implementation level and at the level of public awareness and participation in environmental protection and preservation 

PACJA and partners have been able to translate the concept into a tangible and concrete outcome that has generated remarkable interest among journalists, media houses and other stakeholders.

In building on the success to deliver an Award Scheme that will be the most prestigious environmental incentive in the African continent, we will draw lessons from the 2013 Awards.

In the inaugural Awards Gala night, judges observed that they did not find an entry item that warranted the best Award due to what they termed as low quality of entries. Among other observations and recommendations were:

Specific Objectives

1. To bring out and propagate “African narrative” on climate change in international climate change and sustainable development debates

2. To motivate Journalists and media houses in Africa to effectively cover and report on Climate Change and Environment

3. To illuminate innovative best-practice approaches both in Policy and Practice towards response strategies and programmes.

4. To enhance proactive media participation in African climate change discourses with a view of perspectives and narratives.

5. To sustain and boost coverage of Climate Change issues by Journalists in the mainstream media.

6. To promote and create awareness about opportunities existing green investment both in public and private realms

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