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  • Being a member of PACJA exposes your organization to key stakeholders such as African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN), UNEP Regional Office for Africa, regional economic integration bodies and national governments to enhance the continent’s voice in international dialogue process, as well as driving climate-related policies in African governments.
  • Member organization will maintain contact and facilitation, through meetings, correspondence, with other member organizations, international partners, to encourage and promote climate-related and sustainable development initiatives that benefit the members and stakeholders.
  • To mobilize and build the capacity of your organization through the technical assistance that PACJA provides.
  • To improve coordination and information dissemination with African and other international stakeholders around networks on the issues of climate justice
  • To help formulate and promote a strong pro-poor development position to enable African governments and negotiators to effectively articulate and represent the African voice, concerns and perspectives.
  • To share advocacy and campaigning experience and coordinate with other like-minded networks.
  • To team up expertise, support, engage in, conduct and foster research and investigations into climate change and its impact on communities in Africa.
  • To learn and share best practices on issues related to climate change and sustainable development within Africa and beyond.

Join Us, Become a member

PACJA collaborates and encourages strategic alliances with international partners, national governments, regional governmental bodies as well as individuals sharing its aspirations, to ensure that the African voice is amplified in international climate change dialogue processes.

By joining PACJA, you will have the opportunity to increasingly gain recognition as a legitimate African civil society platform on climate change and sustainable development.